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Walking With Purpose: Keeping In Balance - Creating Order Within

Walking With Purpose: Keeping In Balance - Creating Order Within

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"Keeping in Balance: Creating Order Within" offers a path to release pressure and gain insights into life's true priorities. If you're feeling pulled in multiple directions, struggling to find balance, or overwhelmed by life's demands, this study is designed to bring clarity and peace.

Walking with Purpose invites you on a transformative journey through Scripture, uncovering timeless wisdom from the Old and New Testaments to address daily challenges. With 22 engaging lessons, you'll explore Biblical principles for managing life's pace and pressures while cultivating a sense of calm and stability. Your journey towards a lifestyle of health and holiness begins here.

This study is perfect for you if:

  • You're tired of striving for perfection and the pressure it brings.
  • Making God your top priority feels challenging.
  • Balancing time between loved ones seems difficult.
  • You struggle with unrealistic expectations for yourself and others.
  • Establishing healthy boundaries is a struggle.

Accompanying this study are video talks that enhance your learning experience, providing valuable insights and guidance. Links to access these online videos are conveniently included in the study book.

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