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Loaves and Fishes: Book and Church Supply



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St. Rita of Cascia, renowned as the patroness of desperate situations, is commemorated in this captivating film depicting the life of a remarkable woman from 14th century Italy. Featuring Vittoria Belvedere and Martin Crewes, this compelling narrative weaves together intense drama, enduring love, profound betrayal, tragic loss, profound forgiveness, and unwavering faith.

The story revolves around St. Rita's courageous journey: from marrying a knight and guiding him towards redemption and faith, to joyfully embracing motherhood with their two children, and later enduring immense suffering as she faces devastating losses. Through the compassion of a nearby convent of sisters, she discovers solace and renewed hope, forging a deep spiritual connection with Christ that profoundly impacts those around her.

This DVD edition includes language options such as Italian with English subtitles, an English dubbed version, or Spanish subtitles. Additionally, it features a special 16-page Collector's booklet for enthusiasts of this moving tale.

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