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Bible - The Jerusalem Bible

Bible - The Jerusalem Bible

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The Jerusalem Bible is a widely recognized translation of the Bible into English, originally published in 1966. It was prepared by a team of scholars under the direction of Alexander Jones, who was the editor of The Jerusalem Bible. The translation project aimed to produce a version of the Bible that was faithful to the original texts while also being accessible to modern English-speaking readers.

Key features of The Jerusalem Bible include:

  1. Comprehensive Translation: The Jerusalem Bible provides a complete translation of the Old Testament, including the deuterocanonical books (Apocrypha), and the New Testament.

  2. Scholarly Commentary: The translation is accompanied by extensive footnotes and commentary that provide insights into the historical, cultural, and linguistic context of the biblical texts. These annotations help readers better understand the meaning and significance of the passages.

  3. Readable Language: The translation uses modern, accessible language to convey the meaning of the original texts, making it suitable for both scholarly study and devotional reading.

  4. Catholic Perspective: The Jerusalem Bible is often favored by Catholic readers due to its translation of the Old Testament from the Hebrew Masoretic Text and the New Testament from the Greek text. It is used in liturgical settings in some English-speaking Catholic communities.

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