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Bible - St. Joseph Edition - New Catholic Bible

Bible - St. Joseph Edition - New Catholic Bible

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This Large Type Edition of the St. Joseph New Catholic Bible (NCB) marks a significant milestone as the premier complete Bible in a fresh, faithful, and easily readable translation. Specifically designed with the needs of an aging population and those with limited vision in mind, this edition prioritizes text clarity, arranged for effortless reading. Its notable features include:

  • Clear 14-point type, the largest among Catholic Bibles of comparable size
  • Rich explanatory notes placed conveniently at the end of each book, ensuring uninterrupted reading
  • Designed for Catholics for daily prayer, meditation, private devotion, and group study
  • Compact 6-1/2" x 9-1/4" format for easy handling
  • Durable binding in a flexible yet robust paper cover

Additional Features:

  • Insights into understanding your Bible better
  • Emphasis on the significance of the New Testament
  • Comprehensive list of books by religious tradition
  • Doctrinal Bible index for reference
  • A detailed list of Popes for historical context
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