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Bible - Revised Standard Version - Catholic Bible

Bible - Revised Standard Version - Catholic Bible

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The Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSV-CE) is a popular translation of the Bible specifically approved for use in Catholic liturgy and study. It is a revision of the original Revised Standard Version (RSV) with changes made to align with Catholic doctrine and tradition. The RSV-CE includes all the canonical books of the Old Testament, including the deuterocanonical books accepted by the Catholic Church, and the entire New Testament.

This version of the Bible is esteemed for its fidelity to the original languages of scripture while also providing clear and understandable language. It is widely used in Catholic parishes for liturgical readings, as well as for personal study, devotional reading, and academic research.

The RSV-CE has been praised for its accuracy and readability, making it a valuable resource for Catholics seeking to deepen their understanding of scripture and its teachings. It has also been endorsed by Catholic scholars and clergy for its fidelity to Catholic doctrine.

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