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Bible - Ignatius Catholic Bible - Compact Edition

Bible - Ignatius Catholic Bible - Compact Edition

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The Ignatius Catholic Bible - Compact Edition is a portable version of the Bible published by Ignatius Press, a Catholic publishing company. This compact edition is designed to be convenient for travel, personal use, and on-the-go reading, while still providing the complete text of the Bible.

Key features of the Ignatius Catholic Bible - Compact Edition may include:

  1. Complete Catholic Bible: Despite its compact size, this edition typically includes the complete text of the Old Testament, New Testament, and deuterocanonical books (Apocrypha) accepted by the Catholic Church.

  2. Accurate Translation: The Bible is likely translated from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek languages into clear and understandable English, aiming for accuracy and fidelity to the meaning of the original texts.

  3. Catholic Commentary: The compact edition may include introductions to each book, footnotes, and cross-references, providing readers with insights into the historical, cultural, and theological context of the biblical text from a Catholic perspective.

  4. Portable Size: The compact size of this edition makes it convenient for carrying in a purse, backpack, or pocket, allowing readers to easily access the Word of God wherever they go.

  5. Durable Binding: Despite its small size, the compact edition may feature a durable binding, such as a hardcover or leather cover, to withstand frequent use and travel.

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