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Bible - A Marginal Jew V3

Bible - A Marginal Jew V3

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Volume 3 is "Companions and Competitors."

In Volume 3, Meier continues his rigorous examination of the historical Jesus, focusing on his relationships with various individuals and groups during his lifetime. This includes Jesus' interactions with his disciples, followers, opponents, and other figures mentioned in the New Testament and other historical sources.

Meier employs historical-critical methodology to analyze the Gospels and other ancient texts, seeking to uncover what can be known about the social, political, and religious context of Jesus' ministry and the dynamics of his relationships with others.

Volume 3 of "A Marginal Jew" contributes to scholarly understanding of Jesus' life and teachings, shedding light on the complex network of relationships that surrounded him and influenced his mission. It offers valuable insights into the historical Jesus and his significance within first-century Judaism and the broader context of the ancient world.

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