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Bible - A Marginal Jew V2

Bible - A Marginal Jew V2

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The full title of this volume is "A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus, Volume 2: Mentor, Message, and Miracles."

In this volume, Meier continues his investigation into the historical figure of Jesus of Nazareth, focusing on aspects such as his teachings, the messages he conveyed, and the miracles attributed to him. Meier employs historical-critical methodology to sift through the Gospels and other historical sources to discern what can be known about the historical Jesus.

Volume 2 of "A Marginal Jew" contributes to the ongoing scholarly discussion surrounding Jesus' life and ministry, providing insights into the historical context in which he lived and the impact of his teachings and miracles. It's a valuable resource for scholars, clergy, students, and anyone interested in understanding the historical Jesus within his cultural and religious milieu.

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